3d fencing system consists of panels and pillars of various heights, complete with fixings, and a large range of swing and sliding gates adapted to automatically leads and Barriers. Horizontal bars panels have V-shaped bends which give greater rigidity to the panel. Ends panel 30 millimeter projecting pins. It is recommended for fencing of public institutions, warehouses, schools, parks, sports and playgrounds, industrial and private areas. High-quality, extremely durable with long life panel and the posts are made of galvanized steel and coated with a polymer in accordance with EN ISO 1461.


The panels are equipped with pillars profile 60×40 mm section. The back side pillars have lock connection which imparts additional rigidity, the front side pillars have holes with threaded bushes for fastening inside the panels with the clamper and M6h40 screw with hexagon socket. The pillars are supplied with a plastic cap.


Swinging and sliding door, gate or have 60h40mm 80h60mm frame and the central frame for added strength. Packaged products are completely with pillars 80×80 / ​​100×100 and all the necessary details.

Panel Height:   1230MM, 1530mm, 1730mm, 2030mm

Panel width:  2500 mm

Mesh size:    50×200 mm

Wire diameter:  4 mm, 5 mm

Coating: ZN + RAL6005 (green), RAL8017 (Brown)