Wicker fence or netting it is the cheapest and comfortable solution for the protection of private houses, pastures, schools, industrial areas. The grid is made from heat-treated galvanized steel wire or galvanized steel wire coated with PVC.

Additionally, you can buy poles and fasteners elements for the grid.

grid height: 1200 mm, 1500 mm

Mesh size 50×50 mm

Wire diameter: 2 mm, 2.8 mm

Coating: ZN, ZN + PVC (green)

Roll length: 25 m

Barbed wire

Barbed wire – this is a great addition to any type of fencing.

Selecting barbed wire, you raise 80% reliability fence.

•  The number of spines: 4

•  Wire diameter: 2.0 We do mm

•  Processing / Coating: ZN

•  Roll length: 250 m